About Us

Three Little Ahmads.

Husband and wife team, Dato’ Fazley Yaakob and Datin Azrene Ahmad, parents of 4 children, launches innovative reversible clothing for little boys and girls. It is cheekily named “Three Little Ahmads” after their own children. In full, the brand is called “Three Little Ahmads & A Little Princess”.

“Guardians of little children knows how quickly they outgrow their own clothes. Why not double the function and double the fun?” said Datin Azrene Ahmad, owner of Three Little Ahmads. “The clothes must be easy to wear, easy on the eyes, and allows children to learn to put them on themselves as well”

“We have plain colour blocking pieces as well as whimsical and playful motifs to suit every occasion. The reversible pieces also has a different pattern inside and outside, allowing quick switches in the case of any food stains or simply for variety.”

The clothing brand also features hidden tags, magnetic buttons, and styles that are worn from the front that buttons at the back - as a special inclusive focus to children with autism and limited abilities.

The celebrity couple sells their unique clothing line through e-commerce, social media and limited-run pop-up stores.

Three Little Ahmads is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is a part of SukaSucre Group of Companies.